Tenuta La Macchia - Montescudaio - Vino Toscana
Tenuta La Macchia - Montescudaio - Vino Toscana
Tenuta La Macchia - Montescudaio - Vino Toscana

Who We Are

We want to stay in time, leave something more than a humble sip.
Previous experiences in the world of wine have led to the construction of a project based on BIO, on respect and on the desire to market a way of working and designing products.

Le Cantine del gusto

Inside the historic "Palazzo della Contessa" dating back to 1700 we wanted to create an environment to breathe wine and combine it with different solutions that the company offers.
In the heart of the town, fulcrum of the wine-making activities of the territory, the palace with its cellars has kept the warmth of the era and its grandeur.
Come in, sit down and spend time with yourself and your emotions.
The collaboration with a well-known local chef allowed us to structure tastings accompanied by traditional Tuscan food, theme dinners and private events.

Our Wines

In our products we try to minimize the use of additives and adjuvants, making them as natural as possible.
Our labels are four:
Scutum: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Petit Verdot aged in wood; Aryah: Sauvignon Blanc al 100%; Materia: rosé of Merlot and Petit Verdot; Continuo: rosé brut sparkling wine, obtained with the Charmat method from Merlot and Petit Verdot grapes.

"Staining a wine" means giving it a precise and exclusive personality.

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Vino Rosso Scutum


IGT Rosso Toscana

"... the warmth of a protected place, a border outlined by the bush, as if to indicate a limit. The power to preserve essence and concepts, the ability to
guard an emotion ... "

Vino Bianco Aryah


IGT Bianco Toscana

"... a bunch of grapes struck by a luminous radiation, the light of an imperceptible thread that fascinates strikes and envelops your thoughts map, a harmonic sensation inside a single aura ..."

Vino Rosè Materia


IGT Rosato Toscana

"... single particles of matter aggregated perfectly but always different. A light mass grateful to the senses for being thin. Clearly distinct nature, fruit and selection of an extract of "matter" ... "

Spumante Rosè CONTINUO


Spumante Rosè Brut

"... research, naturalness in enriching an excellent rosé base, the desire to break space interruptions, for those who have a nagging obstinacy in asking without stopping ..."

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