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The T.M Wine Class is an excellent list where you can enroll, with the right of first refusal, in our events and activities dedicated to the culture of wine. The strength of being part of our wine class is represented by a program of purely experiential events and a training program of the highest qualitative value where the member can decide to participate or not based on the interest on the subject receiving our "TM wine class" certificate.

The TM wine class is dedicated to all those who are already within the sector and they hold various positions, the company owner and his staff who every day find themselves communicating, describing and proposing a bottle of wine, up to the one who at least once in life has come into contact with this product or maybe it is fascinated by knowing him.

It is not absolutely selective, it must allow the choice based on the curiosity, the desire and the experience that the person wants to live or the topic he wants to know.

Some initiatives like the sunsets in the vineyard , the course of approach to wine or some theme dinner are already active and our members are updated and can join guaranteeing the benefits . The other initiatives will be developed and activated over time.

We want both the professional and the neophyte to be able to interact with us while enjoying the T.M wine class.

The team will be developed and will be enriched based on the objective of the event with the collaboration of experts and people in the sector who can make a valuable contribution to the participants.

The member only needs to be patient and wait, choose which experience or course to take advantage of and take advantage of the benefits and finally enjoy it.

Enjoy, share, learn and taste with our T.M. Wine Class!
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