Do you know what a stain is?

The answer is in our project. We want to stay in
time, leave something more than a humble sip.
Everything is born at the end of a master of "Viticulture and Enology".
Previous experiences in the world of wine have led to
construction of a project based on BIO, respect and
on the desire to market a way of working and
conceive the products.

The company was founded in 2012 by Letizia Martelli,
doctor in "Environmental Sciences" and Christian Carignani, graduate
in “Viticoltura ed Enologia” a Pisa.
From a simple analysis of the terrain comes the curiosity to understand
even better the real potential of a single vineyard body of
just 3 protected by a nature reserve.
6 months later the company takes shape and
with her the first vinifications.
Over time, everything was consolidated
in a natural and spontaneous way.

This spot that surrounds the vineyard continues to enclose
projects, simplicity and pure passion.

WIN CLASS Tenuta La Macchia - Montescudaio

Events & Initiatives


Il Sauvignon Blanc Il Sauvignon Blanc è uno dei più diffusi vini al mondo e sicuramente uno dei vini più riconoscibili. Infinite interpretazioni lo accompagnano,…

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La selezione della bottiglia

Selezione e ricerca della bottiglia Quanto è piacevole quando vai in un ristorante e il titolare o il sommelier ti consigliano un vino? Ti fanno…

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Dico si al vino rosè

I vini rosè ancora oggi rappresentano per molti il vino non vino, la miscela furba e intuitiva di vini bianchi e rossi che altrimenti risulterebbero inespressi.…

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Visits and Tastings

A sensory experience!
The opportunity to live a unique experience at the Cantine del Gusto in Via della Libertà, 69 in Montescudaio.
You can experience a sensory tasting experience with us.

Complete tasting of 4 wines
with the explanation of the Oenologist, accompanied by a dish with tasting of products prepared by our Chef every Friday on booking


Come, visit us!


Via della Libertà, 69 – 56040 Montescudaio (PI)


Via Casagiustri 3, 56040 Montescudaio (PI)

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