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Video course: "The tasting method"

You are an Italian and you don't know taste a wine?
Have you realized that you do not understand what the taster is doing in front of you?
Do you often feel out of place in front of a glass of good wine?
There tasting a wine, consisting in analyzing it carefully with the view, the sense of smell, the taste and the touch to outline and define the organoleptic profile and the characterizing characters, which will lead us to decree its quality.
Drinking just a glass of wine is totally worth it different from taste it, or to carry out a logical series of evaluations following an approach technique.
You need logic, concentration and parameters of comparison to have as a gift what a wine can communicate to you.
What will you learn?
The tasting technique with its basic sequence and its purposes.
- The importance of confrontation
- The balance of wine
- The purpose of the taster
- Visual exam
- Fluidity and extract
- Olfactory examination
- Intensity, quality and complexity
- Taste test
-Flavors and touch
-The balance and persistence
-Harmony and evolutionary state
-The 3 secrets

Video course: "The logic of pairing"

It often happens that you don't value yours dish choosing the inadequate wine?
You don't understand why one scope needs a faithful wine beside him?
When it comes to food-wine pairing you don't know what to say?
The art of choosing a wine that fits perfectly with our dish.
The two elements food and wine marry, enhancing each other respectively.
The basic concept for a pperfect match it consists in analyzing the two different structures (food and wine), which must relate and reach  balance which will lead to pleasure taste - olfactory.
What will you learn?
The concepts with which to make a logical and valuable reasoning to make an effective combination.
- Introduction to food tasting
- The method
- The difficulties of matching
- The soft sensations of food
- The hard sensations of food
- The combination by tradition
- The contrast of flavors
- The concordance of flavors
- Many practical examples
- Example of "Matching Graphics Card" and its filling
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VINOPIU ': Video courses "The tasting method" + "The logic of pairing"

With this combo you will have the opportunity to get both video courses at a special price.
After learning the basic technique for tasting a wine through the video course "The tasting method", you will report the concepts acquired counterbalancing them or associating them to a dish, through the video course "The logic of pairing".
Surely at the end of this path you will look wine and course with a totally different sensitivity.