Wine also needs change

In a world that undergoes continuous metamorphosis, the world of wine has also undergone strong changes.

We are observing the advent of the on-line, potential still unexpressed in a sector that sees the tradition of tasting and purchasing in different ways still winning towards a platform that allows you to have speed, efficiency and sometimes price.

The Change

But change is not just that. Now we are thinking of doing viticulture in countries where it was previously considered impossible and I am convinced that all this will bring influences that will slightly divert the consumer's perception of this world.

But common thinking loves and adores the status quo.

Consequently, it opposes change and attenuates innovation because in many cases in this sector we are seeing opposite poles, people who love radical wine made of fermentations and little more, as opposed to technical wine, fermented perhaps after transport. of the grapes in an industrial area and aged in a shed with forced ventilation and induced humidity.

In the last 15 years we have gone from conventional wine to organic wine , to biodynamic wine with the advent of the natural and traces of vegan wine.

Although not all regulated, we see that the producer needs to launch messages on the market and to differentiate because we need to change something, the consumer loves to choose and the producer wants to differentiate.

Today we have the opportunity to make excellent wines that start from suitable soils and suitable varieties but also from competent technical choices and technologies measured by the project.

We can make excellent wines and this is there for all to see.

The real difficulty lies in the choice !!!

There are two questions we need to answer, questions that connect change but we will surely struggle to answer.

1-Should we abandon the idea that the past routine and the past ways of doing things are probably the best ways?

2-Do we have to assume that there is certainly a better way to do everything?

I'm really curious to know your thoughts .......


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  1. SALVE,io non sono la persona più adatta a dare giudizi, in un campo che appena conosco!Però credo che il viticoltore rispettando tutti i criteri ,sia luo a giudicare cosa sia meglio x i suoi clienti non credo che a discapito di una clientela affezionata, si lasci influenzare da cambiamenti non consoni allo spirito del cliente Liana Culicchi

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