The advent of drones in precision viticulture

Achieving optimal quality standards in vineyard is not easy and requires a lot of commitment. This is why the concept of viticulture of precision has emerged over time; a management and production approach differentiated according to the real needs of the producer and his territory.

Infatti i vigneti sono caratterizzati da una elevata eterogeneità e non è difficile avere mappatura diverse in una singola azienda.

This diversity manifests itself in a physiological response of the plant which entails a vegetative-productive dynamism with direct consequences on the quality of the grapes.

How the climate affects viticulture

We must also pay attention to climate change. Among the most concrete effects there is a rise in temperatures, known as " Global Warming ", ie the gradual heating of the earth's surface which leads to a strong frequency of extreme events.

Another factor that I call very important is the increase in the concentration of carbon dioxide. This is increasingly responsible for a pushed photosynthetic activity, which in the vine leads to an abrupt acceleration of the ripening of the grapes.

Le alte temperature portano inoltre ad un crollo delle acidità dei mosti, acidità che io amo e che ritengo fondamentale alla raccolta.

Recent technology with the due times is providing the winegrower the opportunity to monitor many aspects related to the development of the vine. Nutritional requirements, water requirements, attack of pathogens and soil conditions.

For example, remote sensing is considered a fundamental tool in Precision Viticulture.

Through sensors that are suitably installed above planes or drones it is possible to acquire images digital of certain characteristics of the plant, especially as regards vegetative development and stress conditions.

Other sensors even allow us to measure the leaf surface temperature strongly correlated to physiologically limiting situations.

We still have many things to discover and viticulture is experiencing change .

Obviously we will have who will follow the flow and who will remain anchored to protect current or past methods.

But what is right to do?

I have my direction clear !!!

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