Bottling ... recreational moment

There is the technical part that collides with the emotional part.

Often it happens that the winemaker talks about levels of sulfur and metered arabic gum, while the owner touches all the bottles that arrive at the end of the bottling line, caressing them as divine creatures who have finally come to pay homage to the earth.

Technique and emotion support each other trying to find their meeting point.

But what if you had both?

The excitement of the morning when you wake up and you know that in the evening your legs will be tired, but watching those cartoons the satisfaction will be maximum because finally everyone will be able to taste your work.

I want to tell you more about the classic bottling day .

For small producers, the external line generally already awaits you upon arrival in the cellar and we never exceed 7 am, the temperatures are very cool and you need the second coffee.

Surely days before you prepared mountains of boxes with the first dividers to make the work easier (also because it would be impossible to do otherwise with a machine that works at 3000 btl / hour), but that upon your arrival you will have to pull out of the warehouse with stacks of 10.

In the meantime, the filtration is decided, the various tests are carried out so that everything works in the best way, from rinsing and loading of the bottles up to the capping and labeling .

After about an hour we leave with 3 people loading the bottles, 4 at the packaging and 3 at the palletizing.

But do you know what the beautiful thing is?

That everyone tells you it's a tiring job, not understanding that the real effort is waiting for that rewarding moment.

The first bottle that comes out while the winemaker checks the vacuum, the level of the wine and the corking is the moment that arouses curiosity .

Compare the bottle with the old one, turn it over and over again but in most cases the only different thing is the vintage.

But why is this happening? Because every bottling has the curiosity of a new day that must be discovered .

The bottles continue to arrive at an impressive speed and without calculating the effort, hours have passed when they tell you that the tank is empty and the last bottle arrives.

Already…. the last bottle you inevitably take in your hand, turn it over and over again several times looking for something you don't even know.

Here, maybe I understand why this happens with the first and the last bottle !!!

Because in the middle of the work live the passion and desire that leads you to go on bottle after bottle, cardboard after cardboard and pancale after pancale.

The sure thing is that then you will be with tired legs under the table and the glass of wine in front, and looking at the two bottles, the first and the last, you will understand what you have done …… you have created life !!!

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