Like all entrepreneurs, the agricultural entrepreneur , as well as the independent winemaker today, more than ever, must possess the characteristics that make him evolved in every sense.

Wine undergoes changes from year to year and the entrepreneur must be like wine. Being composed of a good percentage of water, its ability to occupy spaces often characterizes the success of a company.

He must know how to make mistakes and accept mistakes in order to improve himself . Wine is a journey, it is experimentation where all the feedbacks are a reason for comparison and sometimes change

  • Deve saper sbagliare e accettare gli errori per poi migliorarsi. Il vino è cammino, è sperimentazione dove tutti i feedback sono motivo di confronto e talvolta cambiamento
  • He must have resourcefulness and a good dose of courage . The calculated risk and the possibility of being able to give up a lot for the goal are the pillars of the form of the project, separating the entrepreneur from the normal person
  • A good agricultural entrepreneur must be humble and resilient mentally without getting stuck in theories of the past and legends. Humility in asking for advice and showing shortcomings makes the entrepreneur close to the personal and open to the world.
  • culture is the company. Building a corporate culture and ethics is like building a model that works on its own and that others will understand and accept.
  • La cultura è l’azienda. Costruire una cultura ed un’etica aziendale è come costruire un modello che funziona da solo e che gli altri comprenderanno e accetteranno.
  • Be tenacious and determined in seeking human and healthy opportunities and relationships. Today more than ever, the agricultural entrepreneur has a social and informative task, to bring healthy and valuable concepts to consumers, as well as obviously products.
  • Essere tenace e determinato nel ricercare occasioni e rapporti umani e sani. L’imprenditore agricolo oggi più che mai ha un compito sociale e divulgativo, portare concetti sani e di valore ai consumatori, oltre che ovviamente prodotti.
  • The agricultural entrepreneur must be obsessed with numbers and results, that is, he must know them. The company lives or dies exclusively for numbers. A good agricultural entrepreneur must be able to detach emotionally and read these numbers perfectly.
  • Reschedule priorities and not experience the unexpected on a daily basis . Time is a precious resource and we can decide to be effective or not.

What would you add to these points ????

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