Many ask us how it is progressing and what changes we have seen after this destabilizing bubble called corona virus , which unfortunately has not yet ended.

Per prima cosa le piccole e medie imprese nel mondo del vino hanno bisogno del loro compagno ideale, il ristoratore.

This is my belief.

We strongly believe that a downsizing of the HORECA world will lead to a downsizing of small wineries.

Not everyone was born and works to approach large-scale distribution or online sales platforms that today are making great strides.

Everyone would do well to build an internal touch-point called e-commerce, but the choice of allocating a production or a large part of it to online is not always successful.


But what is the reason?

For many it is an ethical and market choice and for others it is a production and guarantee problem of a buyer over time.

You can't face in my opinion, at least with the same references , two worlds that are very distant from each other , with small to medium productions.

Thus the restaurateur plays the fundamental role of buyer and disseminator, very often of territories that breathe wine.

It turns out to be the one who knows you really well or with whom you had lunch and told everything about yourself.

This combination is the magnifying glass towards the outside.


But how did restaurateurs organize the wine lists in this period?

Choices have been made , many companies have left the cards, because the restaurateur is struggling to support the immobilization of these costs and wants to focus on products in which he believes most or that it deems more salable and with more demand.

I note with great pleasure that in choosing, many have abandoned companies not linked to the territory, obviously in places where years of history tell the story of Italian viticulture.


What is important for the wine company?

Having worked well before this disastrous period.

Relationships and credibility are built with time and those who have worked well will struggle to be eliminated, even if obviously we are traveling on a reduced scale and with big question marks.

The best thing in these cases is to have broad shoulders, but many times this is not possible and only with hard work can you counter.

The territory, if it is an expression of value, can help each other, in a process of union because now more than ever there is a need for a big hand between small quality productions and restaurateurs.

Strongly believing in the processes of formation in transformation and in the strong passages of life, now more than ever there is a need for a large investment in this direction because at the end of the sieve , because this is happening, there will be even more value required in the face of even greater difficulties.

We must look for value and when we combine quality wine and catering even these moments can be overcome.


Not everyone will do it but only the "value" can throw you out of the fog of late October in a row now collected.



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