Il Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc is one of the most popular wines in the world and certainly one of the most recognizable wines.

Infinite interpretations accompany it, considering it a noble wine born in the Loire even if some texts and theories want it originally from Bordeaux.

What certainly does not change is the undeniable impact of personality that manages to carve out inside ampelographic material that gives us important numbers and varieties.

Either you hate it or you love it. I would say that the important task and for which it is worthwhile to focus our attention on this noble grape variety, play it as usual, the territory and the ability of the winemaker.

Its pungent aromatic charge, the often tantalizing sapidity are notes that characterize many purities.

What are its characteristics?

Distinctive pyrazin traits of varietal origin from which greenish aromas of celery, thyme, fennel, tomato leaf, pepper and olive notes originate. Aromatic herbs such as sage, thyme and marjoram can complement a rich and curious sense of smell.

When we have managed to harvest with optimal ripening points we will find a beautiful harmony between these notes and the marked fruity notes of lime, apple, melon, peach, grapefruit up to cold climates that give us tropical notes such as passion fruit, lychee and papaya.

With aging in wood we will find beautiful evolutions towards the soft, with ripe aromas of cooked apple, figs, honey and dried fruit.

The Sauvignon Blanc grape, thanks to its adaptability, is cultivated extensively in France, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, California, South America and Italy.

Here is the name that derives from the French word Sauvage (Wild).

Finding the right balance between freshness and ripe olfactory notes is the challenge of every Sauvignon Blanc producer.

It is considered a semi aromatic grape and for some years its use has also been accompanied by Vinotherapy, used for its relaxing properties in massages and postural practices.

I love it if well done !!!!!

What are the characteristics that you love about Sauvignon Blanc?



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