What is wine made from?

How many times have we ignorantly wondered what a particular wine was made of rather than another.
Yes, wine also has its basic skeleton.

About 85% of wine is made of water, yet the real substance that characterizes it lies in the remaining 15% and not so much in alcohol as many think.

Don't get me wrong, alcohol is an important component in the balance of wine but it absolutely does not determine its value.

Pensate che abbiamo circa un 2% del nostro vino, composto da varie concentrazioni di zuccheri, acidi organici, glicerolo, acetaldeide, acido acetico (se eccessivo il vino avrà lo spunto acetico) e i composti polifenolici ( tannini e sostanze coloranti).

We also have the aromatic compounds because for each wine, not joking, we can also find three or four aromas that characterize it.

The aromas of the various wines vary over time and can be classified into primary, secondary and tertiary.

As you have just read, wine is matter alive … .. made of heaviness and volatility, the result of a mix of components that make it unique and to be discovered over time.

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