WIN CLASS Tenuta La Macchia - Montescudaio - Tutti i nomi hanno un significato!


When you think about what a particular wine means to you, immediately come to mind several moments linked to the difficulties, the characteristics found and discovered and the satisfactions in producing it.

All this connected to the different sensations and emotions that he transmitted to us in a path where the vineyard, the fermentations and the tastings, sent us messages that then led to the choice of his name.

Each name contains a message that our company wanted to put on the market.

ARYAH: in a land where Sauvignon Blanc is really difficult to produce in purity, the new challenge was to bring a fresh, saline, live product that would give new impetus to the territory with a product that breathes sea air.

MATERIA: everything is matter. If then it is processed in such a way as to respect its potential, we obtain a product that amply repays the work done. Obtained from the varieties that cover most of the company surface, it is the basic material of our project.

CONTINUO: all projects have an evolution. We started from the material and then arrived at a second fermentation that gives life to this product. The natural continuity of a project started but that finds in this wine the continuous desire for research and experimentation.

SCUTUM: in honor of this fantastic land of wine and of the wonderful reserve that surrounds our vineyard, a product is born that represents the shield, the weapon used to protect people and territories. Our bush protects us and this wine with its name represents us.

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