L'epoca di vendemmia presso Monte Scudaio

The time of harvest varies, as well as for the genetic and environmental aspects also depending on the oenological goals we are going to set.

We need to choose the right moment by ensuring that we have a good polyphenolic maturation, in addition to a good alcohol concentration and a good level of acidity that go to satisfy the characteristics of the corporate objective.

We consider the following two assessments to be fundamental:



During the maturation phase we have an increase in the sugar concentration with a decrease by respiratory route of the organic acids.

The evaluation of the two concentrations is very important for the determination of the collection.



It is essential to analyze the raw material we are going to work with through the tasting phase, trying to understand its maturation in order to identify the optimal harvesting time and project these components into the wine product.

So the training to taste, the experience and the projection from grape to wine are decisive factors for a product of great quality as well as of course the seasonal trend.

Consistency, color, aptitude for separation, supply vessels, sweetness, acidity, herbaceous and fruity notes, the color of grape seeds, their fragmentation and astringency are characteristics that a technician or business owner must knowing how to interpret.

We believe that the tasting aspect is of primary importance, even more important than the analytical parameters.

The age of harvest, the importance.

Putting together the analysis of the musts, obtained from an excellent sampling of the grapes in the vineyard, with the tasting, we can have a complete picture that will make us determine when to harvest.

We give a lot of importance to tastings, because we know that grapes need to be interpreted and very often anticipate or postpone by 4-5 days means getting another product.

We are at the harvest and we can choose to harvest in two different ways, manually or mechanically.

If you have a small company and you are working in high quality, manual harvesting guarantees you excellent respect for the raw material, which is why we have always collected it in boxes and manually.

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