About us

TENUTA LA MACCHIA has born from the entrepreneurial idea of three young winemaker from Tuscany. Linked by a common love for our land and the desire to make concrete a dream pursued for long time. We decided to put our knowledge into a project full of ambition. After a common study, and gained experience in wine-growing and wine-making in different areas of Italy and not only, we acquired the estate, immediately believing in it after having ascertained the great wine-growing, climatic and enological potential. We are placed in Tuscany, Montescudaio (Pisa), in a farm enclosed between the hinterland and the see coast. The Estate is composed of about 2.2 hectare of screw and wants to distinguish itself in the Italian wine scene with niche products, which are identified in the exclusivity. We produce following the canons of organic farming in respect of the environment and the consumer. We are making a continuous and methodical work to eliminate the chemical synthesis, improving the structural characteristics of the soil and its life forms. We try to limit the use of additives and processing aids in our products making them as natural as possible. Four are our label: SCUTUM: IGT red wine, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot e Petit Verdot, aged in wood. ARYAH: IGT white wine, Sauvignon Blanc 100%. MATERIA:IGT rosè wine, Merlot e Petit Verdot. CONTINUO: sparkling brut rosé from grapes Merlot e Petit Verdot obtained with Charmat method. "Staining a wine" means to give a precise and unique personality.

This is our goal!


The company name comes from the fact that the estate is surrounded by a dense Mediterranean vegetation that is part of the "GARDEN - Scornabecchi", an agricultural heritage regional forest: a small natural oasis that is developed in the town of Montescudaio and Riparbella, in the province of Pisa, with paths for walking and cycling enthusiasts. Hence also the history of the labels. We wanted to give it an identity and to ensure that, at first glance, our products bring to the company immediately. It all stems from a dinner with friends, the base of a glass of wine and a tablecloth. Thus it was born the logo of the estate reported on the computer and refined through specific programs. All homemade because, as with everything, our philosophy is to give a personal identity. The logo has been reported on all labels enhancing and distinguishing each wine thanks to the different colors to the drops. We used the red drops for Scutum, gray for Aryah, black for Materia and gold for Continuo.

And these names?

SCUTUM our red means shield, just to remind Montescudaio and the Mediterranean forest that surrounding the vineyard and its protection as a shield from the weather.
ARYAH Our white means light, indicating the brilliance of the product itself.
MATERIA our rosé means origin, root to indicate the substance that gives life to our rosé.
CONTINUO our sparkling rosé means harmony and continuity. The original idea was to produce a wine rosè firm, but harvest, given the particular analytical characteristics, we realized that there were ideal conditions to produce a bubble fantastic, that would give continuity to a base of rose already very good; hence Continuo.

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Contact winery

  • +39 338 1258469/ 389 5554487
  • Loc. Casagiustri, 3 - 56040 Montescudaio (PI)
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Contact Wineshop

  • +39 338 1258469/ 389 5554487
  • Via della Libertà, 69 - 56040 Montescudaio (PI)
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Scutum 2014


IGT Rosso Toscana
Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot e Petit Verdot
"...the warmth of a protected place, a boundary delineated by the stain, as if to indicate a limit. The power to preserve the essence and concepts, the ability to keep an emotion..."


IGT Bianco Toscana
100% Sauvignon Blanc
"...a cluster hit by a beam of light, the light of an invisible thread that fascinates strikes and wraps your thoughts map, harmonic feeling into a single aura..."



IGT Rosato Toscana
Merlot e Petit Verdot
"...the drop, the individual particles of matter aggregated in a perfect way but always different. A light mass grateful pursuant to be thin. Clearly distinct nature, fruit and selection of an extract of “matter”..."


Spumante Rosè Brut
Merlot e Petit Verdot
"... research, naturalness in enriching an excellent rosè base, the desire to break the interruption of the space, for those who have a continuing obstinacy in asking without stopping..."


  • Every Saturday evening we will be open to the CANTINE DEL GUSTO of Tenuta la Macchia in via della Libertà, 69 to Montescudaio with tasting menu with matching of our wines to dishes prepared with care by our Chef Riccardo! Reservation required! We are waiting for you!
    wine shop
  • Past events

  • "TRAMONTI IN VIGNA". From July to August, aperitifs at sunset in the evocative atmosphere of the vineyard.
  • Terme Bagni di Pisa, San Giuliano Terme, evening with Beppe Bigazzi
  • "Gran Galà del Mare" - Save the Children
  • Tasting at Enoteca Marcucci Pietrasanta
  • Tasting led by Sommelier oh the fondazione italiana sommelier di Roma
  • "Serata Benetti Azimut", at Twiga Principato di Monaco, Montecarlo
  • "Vernissage di Lorenzo Marini", at Palazzo Medici Riccardi Firenze
  • Mercatini di Natale a Montescudaio, 5-6-7 Dicembre 2015
    "On wine tasting footsteps ... from the vineyard", the wine course of rapprochement